Live Video Commerce, Conferencing, and Inbound Video Calling

Zoom is for Meetings - Interact is for Business

Inbound and Outbound Interactive Video Communication

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$15 per mo Annual Pay or $19 per mo Monthly Pay


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Your customers want to interact with you Live. Will you adapt?


Face to face is the best form of communication, and this is the next best option. Interactive Video Communication creates a sense of inclusion and connection that’s difficult to replicate through other forms of communication.

The ability to have this “face to face” video experience to enhance communication, create authority and relationships can be critical to your brand.

Our On-Demand Inbound/Outbound Live Video Commerce, Conferencing and Video Calling will give you the competitive advantage your business needs in todays world.


Interact with customers a different way

Live Video Commerce

Show your products and services in real-time to close that sale!

Connect with your customers via a secure video connection from any device, to any device for Live Commerce.  

Customers arrive in your waiting room and are shown an optional video while they wait to join.

Live Video Calling

Allow your customers to call you via video and connect with a high quality secure video connection.  You can have them schedule the call, or call you on demand because we ring your phone to let you know someone is in your waiting room.

Can't answer?  No problem, they will be given the opportunity to leave you a video voicemail and schedule a call later.

Video Conference

Hosting a meeting or event? You can connect up to 250 people in one conference with no limits on time.

Our meetings are highly secure and even HIPAA compliant.

All participants arrive in your waiting room and you allow them entry when you want.  You have full control over the meeting.


Our Package is Easy to Use with Simple Pricing


Our basic monthly package includes:

- Unlimited On-Demand inbound video calls and Conferencing that "ring" your phone with a TXT Message and send an email when someone enters your waiting room.

- 1 Easy connect Permalink for meetings

- 1 waiting room video.  Your branded sales video will play for them when in waiting room

- 1 Video Recorder so customers can leave you a video message and schedule a Live Video Call if the wait is too long!

- Integrated Calendar, or we can connect to your Calendly or other calendars.

The ability to Interact is a must have for small businesses, eCommerce sites or those wanting to get their message out to a highly engaged audience.


Safe, Easy, Personal and Secure

The spread of smartphones and uncertainties about Covid-19 has had a profound effect on the way we shop.

Todays world is now turning into a mobile shopping environment where consumers want businesses available anytime and anywhere. More than ever, consumers want easy access to various shopping-related content and product information, and the development of live video content/ communications has brought new forms of consumption.

As the number of people who consume video content or enjoy shopping with smartphones increases, mobile shopping platforms that communicate with sellers and allow the purchase products in real time are emerging.

Live commerce is a combination of real-time video streaming and video shopping services, which refers to a service where consumers buy products in real time while watching videos of product sales on their mobiles or talking via video to a business.

Our Live Commerce and Live Streaming Services work on Mobile devices and Desktops with no need to download anything