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Face to face is the best form of communication, and this is the next best option. Interactive Video Communication creates a sense of inclusion and connection that’s difficult to replicate through other forms of communication.

The ability to have this “face to face” video experience to enhance communication and foster sales can be critical to your brand. Our solutions, such as On-Demand Inbound/Outbound Live Video Calling, Video e-Mail and Live Video Streaming, will give you the competitive advantage your business needs in todays world.


Our Interactive Video Communications Platform is fully Web enabled and requires no downloads

Video Calling

Secure 1:1 Video Calling from any device, to any device.  On-Demand with no Downloads. Integrated Video voicemail and Live Call scheduling.

Video e-Mailer

Record and send secure 1:1 Video emails to your customers and co-workers with ease. Record live or attach a video file, your choice. Your customers can even respond via Video!

Video Streaming

Live Streaming or Pre-Recorded Video - We collect and organize content, create a story around it and then broadcast it to your audience. 

Video Chat

Live Video chat with your customers on your website, or your mobile device.  Group routing capabilities with reports.

Video Conferencing

Secure Video Conferencing from 2 to 50 people.  Complete with Screenshare, Chat and Capture functions.

Video Switchboard

Answer incoming Video calls and transfer them to any phone or device.  Comes with all conferencing capabilities.

Video Calling


Do you have your own personal Video Calling Number that works from any device, to any device?

We offer you a Secure 1:1 Video Calling solution to help you connect with your clients at any time.

It's really simple.  We give you a Live Calling Link that you can use anywhere.  It can go on Social Media, Websites, business cards or you can email and text it out. 

When your customer clicks your Direct link, it send you a SMS message allowing you to sign in to the dashboard and accept or deny they call.  If it takes to long for you to answer, or you are not available, the customer can choose to leave a video message and/or schedule a video call based on your calendar.

With Video Calling, neither you or your customers are required to download anything.  Just one simple click by you, or your customer, and you have a Secure 1:1 video connection. 


Our solutions work on any Web enabled device or PC regardless of the operating system.

No Downloads - We are fully Web enabled

Video e-Mailer


Looking to ramp-up email responses & engagement with prospects? Send 1:1 personalized video email messages to prospects.

Our Web enabled Video eMail Recorder allows you to live record, or attach a video file directly into an email for sending/ viewing.

Once you record the video, we convert it to a link and embed it into a preselected profile picture. We then take the form data you enter and create the email to be sent.  

The received email looks as if it came direcly from your business email provider and allows the recipient to reply directly back to you.  You even have the option to allow them to respond back with their own video.

Video Streaming


We understand that you are already active on Social Media, but are you doing Live Video?  

Live Video Events on Facebook, Youtube and on your website can get you in front of your clients!

The genuine interaction that live streaming allows creates a relationship with viewers. Real time editing with captions, camera changes, and recorded video insertion to live feed are just a few of the possibilities.

The fact that a live stream is actually live, (or at last perceived to be live) brings a human element to it. Anything can go wrong, at any time. If presenters make a mistake, stutter or laugh about something, viewers see the authenticity and identify with them.  It humanizes them and it’s relatable. 

Our methodolgy is to create a highly effective multi-camera Live Broadcast for your business.  With each Live video we create a story that resonates with a particular consumer mix, and we target that audience on the right platform.

Our Live Streaming solution allows for multiple cameras, Pre-recorded commercials and interviews, live feeds from remote locations and much more.  This is a must have for small businesses, non-profits or those wanting to get their message out to a highly engaged audience.

Video Chat

Nearly 1 in 3 U.S. citizens are using live video chats to communicate with businesses or service providers.



Interact Medias vChat desktop and Mobile Device video chat allows companies to implement video chat capabilities within your own website user experience, or on a branded landing page. Our flexible approach to video chat integration allows you to pick and choose the features you wish to enable on your website. In addition, our "Platform as a service dashboard" connects with the website video chat to be able to route, report and gain insights on your video chat connections.

Integrate video chat communications into your website within hours. No need to build out a desktop dashboard or integrate into your telephony software. Most clients can integrate video chat within minutes if not hours.

Some of the key features of our vChat include:

  • Inbound and Outbound vChat requests with SMS notification.
  • Integrate into your existing website without exposing any third-party applications to your end user.
  • Configure the end user experience with your branding, user experience, while we stay behind the scenes.
  • Connect website prospective or current customers with employees in brick and mortar locations and/or contact centers.
  • Have the flexibility to pick and choose which features and functionality you want to integrate into your user experience.
  • Allow business departments the flexibility to have end users select the contact reason, video dial employees directly or both.
  • Gain customer feedback immediately after the video call with a configurable customer survey.
  • Gain immediate disposition or employee feedback post the video call with a configurable employee survey.
  • Highly scalable cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for additional servers and hardware.
  • No hardware or software needed.
  • Provide incredibly clear video quality with the highest 4K UHD resolution that can read down to a 6-point font.
  • HIPAA Secure communications using industry standard security protocols such as RFC 7519, TLS, HTTPS, and SRTP.
  • Ability to export reporting or pull data into external systems for reporting and insights.
  • Allow customers and clients to leave Video Messages and schedule Live video Chat calls when you are not currently available.

Our Live Video Chat solution suite allows for easy integration, rapid deployment and all the features needed from both a technology and business perspective. Throughout the video chat journey, we provide everything you need to route, report and gain insights immediately.


Video Conferencing


Video conferencing brings people together wherever they are, mimicking the nuances of face-to-face interactions in a convenient, digital space. With our video technology, employees can access things like screen and file-sharing in the same place as their video meetings.

Not only does video strengthen connections with people in any environment, it also helps to make meetings more efficient too. With video conferencing, employees don’t have to drop everything to attend an in-person discussion. This is essential when businesses in America host around 11 Million Video Conferences a day!

Our Video Conferencing solution can support up to 50 Participants in a highly secure conference.

Video Switchboard


One of our key differentiators is our ability to transfer live video calls, chats and conferences to other users. 

Imagine one person accepting a Video call and then adding people as needed via SMS message. Now imagine transfering that 1:1 or 1:N call to another person and then dropping off.

This is a perfect solution for businesses to have an assistant or receptionist answer video calls and then tranfer them to other members of the organization.

You can designate a single operator, or many.  We even offer packages where we can answer and direct your calls for you.

Secure Video Communications

Our Interactive Video Communication Platform creates a relationship, a bond that reaches much deeper than email, TXT or phone conversations.

We offer the only Platform that addresses the main reasons why Businesses have failed to implement an Integrated Video Communications solution!


With Interact Media, we enable you to engage and communicate with your customers and clients on a deeper level. We give you an easy to use branded tool that enables you and your customers to interact with one easy to use link....and it's driven by video!

Most businesses have failed to implement Interactive Video Communications for the following reasons:

  1. Customers don't want to download an App - Interact Media requires no downloads or Apps
  2. Businesses don't want to be tied to a screen waiting for Video Calls - Our solution Texts you when you have a Video Call request
  3. When not available, customer is left hanging - We allow the customer to leave a Video Message and schedule a live call at a date and time based on your schedule
  4. Most Conference Apps are Outbound calling only - With Interact Media, both you and the customer can initiate the connection
  5. Software and Pricing - We are 100% Web Enabled - No need for software and our price is very reasonable


Safe, Easy, Personal and Secure


Our Platform works on Mobile devices and Desktops with no need to download anything